Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

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Book Level


18963 ENE.B.E.Martin, Les4.63.0
29208 ENE.B. White (Young at Heart)Berg, Julie6.00.5
41389 ENE Is for ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.01.0
40492 ENeaSalzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.50.5
12107 ENEagles for Kids/Bald Eagle Magic for KidsGieck, Charlene5.40.5
15910 ENEarly ArtisansKalman, Bobbie5.52.0
15911 ENEarly ChristmasKalman, Bobbie5.32.0
15912 ENEarly City LifeKalman, Bobbie5.22.0
15913 ENEarly Family HomeKalman, Bobbie5.82.0
15914 ENEarly Farm LifeGunby, Lise5.33.0
15915 ENEarly Health and MedicineKalman, Bobbie6.33.0
15916 ENEarly Loggers and the SawmillAdams, Peter5.41.0
15917 ENEarly Pleasures and PastimesKalman, Bobbie5.84.0
15918 ENEarly SchoolsKalman, Bobbie5.52.0
15919 ENEarly Settler ChildrenKalman, Bobbie5.31.0
15920 ENEarly Settler StorybookKalman, Bobbie5.63.0
15921 ENEarly Stores and MarketsKalman, Bobbie6.02.0
15922 ENEarly TravelKalman, Bobbie5.62.0
15923 ENEarly Village LifeKalman, Bobbie6.01.0
24007 ENEarning MoneySchwartz/Conley4.30.5
6111 ENEarrings!Viorst, Judith2.80.5
31071 ENEarth MagicLoehr, Mallory3.52.0
30324 ENEarth (Starting with Science), TheNicolson, Cynthia Pratt4.60.5
6412 ENEarth to MatthewDanziger, Paula4.14.0
9262 ENEarthquake!: A Story of Old San FranciscoKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.71.0
12984 ENEarthquake in the Third GradeMyers, Laurie3.11.0
13409 ENEarthquake! On Shaky GroundDuden, Jane5.21.0
18763 ENEarthquake: San Francisco, 1906Duey/Bale4.64.0
13756 ENEarthquake TerrorKehret, Peg4.64.0
28706 ENEast Africa (Country Fact Files)Bowden/Binns8.91.0
17615 ENEast Side StoryBader, Bonnie4.12.0
57570 ENEasterGibbons, Gail3.70.5
52873 ENEaster Bunny's Baby, TheWeigelt/James3.00.5
5413 ENEaster Cat, TheDeJong, Meindert5.03.0
10316 ENEaster Day Surprise, TheFryar, Jane L.2.90.5
25802 ENEaster Egg Haunt, TheStone, Tom B.3.82.0
10317 ENEaster Women, TheGreene, Carol3.10.5
28707 ENEastern Europe (Country Fact Files)Burke, Patrick8.81.0
14664 ENEAT!Kroll, Steven4.31.0
11513 ENEating DisordersKubersky, Rachel5.41.0
28708 ENEcuador/Peru/Bolivia (Country Fact Files)Parker, Edward7.91.0
26 ENEddie and GardeniaHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
27 ENEddie and the Fire EngineHaywood, Carolyn4.23.0
5414 ENEddie's Blue-Winged DragonAdler, C.S.4.44.0
28 ENEddie's Green ThumbHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
7713 ENEddie's MenagerieHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
26024 ENEdmonton OilersJones, Terry6.21.0
14616 ENEdwin and EmilyWilliams, Suzanne2.30.5
36913 ENEeDoudna, Kelly0.50.5
36929 ENEeSalzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.60.5
40493 ENeeSalzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.50.5
14617 ENEEK! Stories to Make You ShriekO'Connor, Jane2.00.5
42152 ENEeyore Finds FriendsMilne/Gaines2.30.5
14943 ENEgg Monsters From MarsStine, R.L.3.02.0
28709 ENEgypt (Country Fact Files)Loveridge, Emma8.11.0
217 ENEgypt Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.47.0
6210 ENEgyptian Cinderella, TheClimo, Shirley4.50.5
260 ENEinstein Anderson, Science SleuthSimon, Seymour4.42.0
28318 ENEleanor Everywhere: The Life of Eleanor RooseveltKulling, Monica4.00.5
17616 ENEleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the WorldFaber, Doris6.81.0
24524 ENElephant's Ancestors, TheCosson, M.J.3.20.5
4247 ENElephants for Kids/Elephant Magic for KidsFredericks, Anthony D.5.00.5
16248 ENElephants: Gentle Land GiantsSanchez, Isidro5.50.5
46563 ENElephants on BoardMacDonald, Suse1.10.5
7670 ENEleven Kids, One SummerMartin, Ann M.4.25.0
48266 ENElf for Christmas, AnGarland, Michael4.20.5
2194 ENEli: A Black BearTaylor, Bonnie Highsmith3.00.5
54328 ENEli's Night-LightRosenberg, Liz2.30.5
6211 ENElijah's AngelRosen, Michael J.4.60.5
39805 ENElisa in the MiddleHurwitz, Johanna4.52.0
9713 ENElizabeth's First KissPascal/Suzanne4.13.0
9714 ENElizabeth's New HeroPascal/Suzanne4.43.0
17973 ENElizabeth's RivalPascal/William5.06.0
17769 ENElla EnchantedLevine, Gail Carson4.68.0
10517 ENEllen and PenguinVulliamy, Clara2.50.5
11562 ENEllen Anders on Her OwnHirsch, Karen5.03.0
17617 ENEllen Elizabeth Hawkins: Mobeetie, Texas, 1886Duey, Kathleen5.75.0
5009 ENEllen TebbitsCleary, Beverly4.93.0
7714 ENElmer and the DragonGannett, Ruth Stiles4.61.0
6112 ENElmer Blunt's Open HouseNovak, Matt2.20.5
14665 ENElves Don't Wear Hard HatsDadey/Jones3.61.0
32506 ENElvis the Turnip and MeGreenburg, Dan3.31.0
30966 ENElvis (They Died Too Young)Hardinge, Melissa7.32.0
9209 ENElwayEichhorn, Dennis5.51.0
32593 ENEmancipation Proclamation (Journey to Freedom), TheCarey, Charles W.5.91.0
18471 ENEmergency Medical TechnicianPrimm, E. Russell4.30.5
8259 ENEmergency VehiclesWolhart, Dayna4.91.0
9263 ENEmily Arrow Promises to Do Better This YearGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
17670 ENEmily at SchoolWilliams, Suzanne2.40.5
6262 ENEmily's Runaway ImaginationCleary, Beverly6.16.0
7265 ENEmmaKesselman, Wendy2.90.5
17618 ENEmma Eileen Grove: Mississippi, 1865Duey, Kathleen4.64.0
32931 ENEmma's JournalMoss, Marissa5.91.0
27829 ENEmmitt Smith (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.30.5
8260 ENEmmitt Smith: Finding DaylightCox, Ted4.90.5
27475 ENEmperor and the Kite, TheYolen, Jane4.60.5
6113 ENEmperor and the Nightingale, TheAndersen, Hans Christian4.40.5
6263 ENEmperor's New Clothes, TheAndersen, Hans Christian6.20.5
32268 ENEmperor's Old Clothes, TheLasky, Kathryn4.40.5
24939 ENEmpty Envelope, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
6413 ENEnchanted Wood, TheSanderson, Ruth5.50.5
6313 ENEncounterYolen, Jane4.20.5
18964 ENEncounter, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
18716 ENEncy. Brown...Case...Midnight VisitorSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
7715 ENEncy. Brown...Case...Mysterious HandprintsSobol, Donald J.4.51.0
18715 ENEncy. Brown...Case of Pablo's NoseSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
10661 ENEncy. Brown...Case of the Dead EaglesSobol, Donald4.31.0
14666 ENEncy. Brown...Case of the Disgusting SneakersSobol, Donald J.4.01.0
40626 ENEncy. Brown ...Case of the Treasure HuntSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
36379 ENEncy. Brown...Case of the Two SpiesSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
7716 ENEncy. Brown Finds the CluesSobol, Donald J.4.32.0
7717 ENEncy. Brown Keeps the PeaceSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
36377 ENEncy. Brown Lends a HandSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
10664 ENEncy. Brown's Book of Strange but True CrimesSobol, Donald/Rose5.33.0
18717 ENEncy. Brown Saves the DaySobol, Donald J.3.91.0
18718 ENEncy. Brown Sets the PaceSobol, Donald J.4.61.0
7718 ENEncy. Brown Shows the WaySobol, Donald J.3.91.0
7719 ENEncy. Brown Solves Them AllSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
10663 ENEncy. Brown Takes the CaseSobol, Donald4.21.0
10877 ENEncy. Brown Tracks Them DownSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
10662 ENEncyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret PitchSobol, Donald4.42.0
5415 ENEncyclopedia Brown Boy DetectiveSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
15964 ENEndangered Desert AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.81.0
15965 ENEndangered Forest AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.71.0
15966 ENEndangered Grassland AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.11.0
15967 ENEndangered Island AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.61.0
15968 ENEndangered Mountain AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.21.0
15969 ENEndangered Ocean AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.31.0
15970 ENEndangered Savannah AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.31.0
15971 ENEndangered Wetland AnimalsTaylor, Dave6.51.0
361 ENEndless Steppe, TheHautzig, Esther6.310.0
27509 ENEnormous Carrot, TheVagin, Vladimir3.00.5
609 ENEnormous Egg, TheButterworth, Oliver5.06.0
5265 ENEpisode of Sparrows, AnGodden, Rumer5.911.0
27531 ENEscape from EgyptMorgan, Stacy Towle3.51.0
13000 ENEscape from Fire MountainPaulsen, Gary4.11.0
7756 ENEscape from the Island of AquariusPeretti, Frank5.66.0
25453 ENEscape from Vampire ParkStone, Tom B.4.22.0
5266 ENEscape From WarsawSerraillier, Ian5.56.0
40727 ENEscape SouthSiegelson, Kim3.31.0
18965 ENEscape, TheApplegate, K.A.4.04.0
362 ENEternal Spring of Mr. Ito, TheGarrigue, Shelia4.25.0
9210 ENEthan Frome (Pacemaker)Wharton/Hutchinson4.73.0
1483 ENEthiopia (Festivals of the World)Berg, Elizabeth5.90.5
52500 ENEva's Summer Vacation: A Story of the Czech RepublicMachalek, Jan3.10.5
17309 ENEven Steven and Odd ToddCristaldi, Kathryn3.30.5
7559 ENEven That Moose Won't Listen to MeAlexander, Martha2.00.5
41391 ENEver-Clever ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
24967 ENEverett Anderson's Christmas ComingClifton, Lucille3.00.5
17310 ENEvery Buddy CountsMurphy, Stuart J.2.60.5
6264 ENEvery Dog Has His DayErickson, John R.4.93.0
6610 ENEveryone Else's Parents Said Yes!Danziger, Paula4.33.0
6358 ENEverywhereBrooks, Bruce5.22.0
18764 ENEvie Peach: St. Louis, 1857Duey, Kathleen4.84.0
25783 ENEvil House, ThePike, Christopher4.33.0
9877 ENEvil in AmsterdamKeene, Carolyn5.27.0
32507 ENEvil Queen Tut and the Great Ant PyramidsGreenburg, Dan3.11.0
16995 ENEvil Twin, ThePascal/William6.812.0
2447 ENEwan McGregor (Galaxy of Superstars)Jones, Veda Boyd7.02.0
2410 ENExplorers to the New WorldJordan, Shirley4.92.0
24008 ENExploring Job SkillsSchwartz/Conley3.80.5
40728 ENExtinct! Creatures of the PastBatten, Mary4.30.5
10665 ENExtraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Hat, TheHanel, Wolfram4.00.5
32375 ENEye of the Great BearWallace, Bill4.35.0
24525 ENEye on Ancient EgyptOwens, L.L.3.20.5
7720 ENEyeballs for BreakfastRagz, M.M.4.04.0
9878 ENEyes of the Killer RobotBellairs, John5.96.0
32366 ENEyes of the TarotCoville, Bruce4.55.0