Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

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Book Level


7513 ENGabbyCosgrove, Stephen4.80.5
7671 ENGadget War, TheDuffey, Betsy3.71.0
219 ENGaffer Samson's LuckWalsh, Jill Paton4.74.0
30244 ENGalileo Spacecraft (Countdown to Space)Cole, Michael D.7.51.0
7370 ENGalimotoWilliams, Karen3.00.5
15926 ENGames From Long AgoKalman, Bobbie5.21.0
220 ENGammage Cup, TheKendall, Carol5.98.0
35930 ENGarbage DetectivesCostain, Meredith2.20.5
6265 ENGarbage Juice for BreakfastGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
28734 ENGarbage Monster from Outer Space, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
10318 ENGarden and a Promise, ASchlegel, Ronald J.4.30.5
30289 ENGarfield and the Beast in the BasementDavis/Kraft3.21.0
30798 ENGarfield and the Mysterious MummyDavis, Jim3.71.0
41961 ENGarfield and the Wicked WizardTeitelbaum, Michael4.21.0
14668 ENGargoyles Don't Drive School BusesDadey/Jones3.61.0
2448 ENGarth Brooks (Galaxy of Superstars)Stauffer, Stacey L.8.32.0
29173 ENGarth Brooks (Reaching for the Stars)Wallner, Rosemary4.91.0
29340 ENGate in the Wall, TheHoward, Ellen5.75.0
12375 ENGates of the Wind, TheLasky, Kathryn5.10.5
44063 ENGathering BlueLowry, Lois5.07.0
221 ENGathering of Days, ABlos, Joan W.6.75.0
25798 ENGator Ate Her, TheStone, Tom B.3.92.0
28492 ENGator Girls, TheCalmenson/Cole2.81.0
30 ENGay-Neck, The Story of a PigeonMukerji, Dhan Gopal6.56.0
15927 ENGeneral Store, TheKalman, Bobbie6.41.0
10879 ENGenghis Khan: A Dog Star Is BornSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.71.0
10667 ENGenies Don't Ride BicyclesDadey/Jones3.61.0
6362 ENGentle AnnieShura, Mary Francis5.25.0
222 ENGentle BenMorey, Walt4.88.0
13753 ENGentleman Outlaw and Me, Eli: A Story of the Old West, TheHahn, Mary Downing5.57.0
5468 ENGeorge and MarthaMarshall, James2.70.5
25267 ENGeorge and Martha Back in TownMarshall, James2.10.5
9568 ENGeorge and Martha Rise and ShineMarshall, James2.10.5
29165 ENGeorge BushJoseph, Paul4.30.5
27818 ENGeorge Eastman (Inventors)Joseph, Paul4.20.5
15077 ENGeorge on His OwnLawlor, Laurie4.45.0
10883 ENGeorge Takes a Bow-Wow!Smith, Janice Lee4.32.0
29748 ENGeorge the Drummer BoyBenchley, Nathaniel3.30.5
24682 ENGeorge WashingtonWelsbacher, Anne4.00.5
25896 ENGeorge Washington Carver (Journey to Freedom)Carey, Charles W.6.91.0
9057 ENGeorge Washington Carver Plant DoctorBenitez, Mirna3.20.5
5418 ENGeorge Washington's BreakfastFritz, Jean4.10.5
917 ENGeorge Washington's CowsSmall, David4.00.5
6215 ENGeorge Washington's MotherFritz, Jean2.50.5
12477 ENGeorge Washington's SocksWoodruff, Elvira5.06.0
30245 ENGeorgetown Hoyas Men's Basketball Team, TheReiser, Howard6.61.0
12410 ENGeorgiaFradin, Dennis B.5.31.0
1028 ENGeraldine's Big SnowKeller, Holly2.50.5
7268 ENGeraldine's BlanketKeller, Holly1.70.5
28711 ENGermany (Country Fact Files)Flint, David7.31.0
7725 ENGermy Blew ItJones, Rebecca C.3.73.0
7726 ENGermy Blew It-Again!Jones, Rebecca C.3.63.0
16253 ENGertie and Gus the Guinea Pigs (Real Baby Animals)Buck, Gisela/Siegfried2.40.5
12514 ENGertrude Chandler Warner (Young at Heart)Wallner, Joan5.30.5
9058 ENGet Set and GoFeldman, Eve1.60.5
17312 ENGet Up and Go!Murphy, Stuart J.2.30.5
32742 ENGetting Near to BabyCouloumbis, Audrey5.16.0
263 ENGetting Something on Maggie MarmelsteinSharmat, Marjorie4.22.0
11514 ENGetting Your PeriodRue, Nancy5.41.0
17621 ENGettysburgKantor, MacKinlay7.45.0
36915 ENGgDoudna, Kelly0.70.5
6516 ENGhost at Dawn's House, TheMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
5662 ENGhost at Skeleton Rock, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.86.0
9606 ENGhost BeachStine, R.L.3.43.0
13414 ENGhost Boy, TheSchraff, Anne3.22.0
5014 ENGhost BrotherAdler, C.S.4.25.0
6363 ENGhost CadetAlphin, Elaine Marie5.56.0
14944 ENGhost CampStine, R.L.3.13.0
18767 ENGhost CaveSteiner, Barbara4.36.0
10887 ENGhost Fox, TheYep, Laurence4.31.0
40730 ENGhost HorseStanley, George Edward3.11.0
415 ENGhost in Tent 19, TheO'Connor, Jim/Jane3.31.0
25243 ENGhost in the Family, AWright, Betty Ren4.22.0
6364 ENGhost in the House, AWright, Betty Ren4.45.0
18968 ENGhost in the MachineMartin, Les4.62.0
32352 ENGhost in the Noonday Sun, TheFleischman, Sid4.95.0
20073 ENGhost in the Third Row, TheCoville, Bruce4.94.0
5419 ENGhost in the Window, AWright, Betty Ren5.55.0
6418 ENGhost Inside the Monitor, TheAnderson, Margaret J.5.14.0
7314 ENGhost Named Fred, ABenchley, Nathaniel2.40.5
23291 ENGhost Named Wanda, AGreenburg, Dan3.91.0
9607 ENGhost Next Door, TheStine, R.L.3.73.0
29339 ENGhost of a ChanceRoberts, Laura Peyton4.67.0
5617 ENGhost of Blackwood Hall, TheKeene, Carolyn5.96.0
20266 ENGhost of Camp Whispering Pines, TheKorman, Susan4.51.0
10668 ENGhost of Popcorn Hill, TheWright, Betty Ren3.51.0
7727 ENGhost on the Hill, TheMaccarone, Grace3.61.0
34911 ENGhost Pony, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.71.0
9264 ENGhost Ship Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.03.0
10118 ENGhost SongPrice, Susan5.67.0
17566 ENGhost Town at SundownOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
32726 ENGhost Town Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
20074 ENGhost Wore Gray, TheCoville, Bruce4.75.0
1025 ENGhostsFrost, Erica4.00.5
10669 ENGhosts Don't Eat Potato ChipsDadey/Jones3.41.0
28297 ENGhosts in Fourth GradeHiser, Constance4.61.0
20018 ENGhouls Don't Scoop Ice CreamDadey/Jones3.71.0
40494 ENghtScheunemann, Pam1.50.5
6117 ENGiant Jam Sandwich, TheLord, John3.80.5
14224 ENGiant Squid: Monsters of the DeepGarcia, Eulalia6.50.5
9059 ENGiant Surprise, AFeldman, Eve2.70.5
34931 ENGiants Don't Go SnowboardingDadey/Jones3.81.0
21840 ENGift for Abuelita: Celebrating the Day of the Dead, ALuenn, Nancy3.30.5
29328 ENGift for Beth, APfeffer, Susan Beth3.92.0
29327 ENGift for Jo, APfeffer, Susan Beth4.32.0
7728 ENGift for Mama, AHautzig, Esther4.21.0
35971 ENGift-Giver, TheHansen, Joyce3.34.0
5269 ENGift of Magic, ADuncan, Lois6.07.0
5015 ENGift of the Pirate Queen, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly5.04.0
9768 ENGift of the Sacred Dog, TheGoble, Paul4.20.5
9769 ENGila Monsters Meet You at the AirportSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.80.5
7569 ENGilberto and the WindEts, Marie Hall2.80.5
17671 ENGinger Brown: The Nobody BoyWyeth, Sharon Dennis2.51.0
17672 ENGinger Brown: Too Many HousesWyeth, Sharon Dennis2.51.0
31 ENGinger PyeEstes, Eleanor6.09.0
6066 ENGingerbread Man, TheSchmidt, Karen2.60.5
9060 ENGingerbread Man, TheKimmel, Eric A.2.40.5
9265 ENGiraffe and the Pelly and Me, TheDahl, Roald4.71.0
54861 ENGiraffes Can't DanceAndreae, Giles3.80.5
16214 ENGiraffes (Crabapples)Kalman, Bobbie4.70.5
12284 ENGiraffes: Long-Necked RuminantsLlamas, Andreu6.70.5
223 ENGirl Called Al, AGreene, Constance C.3.83.0
9554 ENGirl from Yamhill, ACleary, Beverly6.511.0
14669 ENGirl Named Helen Keller, ALundell, Margo2.50.5
20075 ENGirl Who Ate Chicken Feet, TheRichardson, Sandy5.36.0
9608 ENGirl Who Cried Monster, TheStine, R.L.3.63.0
6266 ENGirl Who Loved Caterpillars, TheMerrill, Jean5.60.5
5221 ENGirl Who Loved Wild Horses, TheGoble, Paul4.10.5
18768 ENGirl with the Silver Eyes, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.37.0
8223 ENGirlfriend, TheStine, R.L.4.15.0
35620 ENGive and TakeNapoli, Donna Jo3.41.0
17313 ENGive Me Half!Murphy, Stuart J.2.20.5
2199 ENGive Me LibertyHelmer, Diana Star2.81.0
168 ENGive Us a Great Big Smile, Rosy ColeGreenwald, Sheila3.81.0
8568 ENGiver, TheLowry, Lois5.77.0
42168 ENGiving Bear, TheMilne/Gaines2.30.5
5469 ENGiving Tree, TheSilverstein, Shel2.60.5
6463 ENGlass Angels, TheHill, Susan5.72.0
18719 ENGlass Slipper for Rosie, AGiff, Patricia Reilly3.01.0
7514 ENGlitterby BabyCosgrove, Stephen4.90.5
32688 ENGloomy Ghost, TheLubar, David3.23.0
12516 ENGloria Estefan (Reaching for the Stars)Nielsen, Shelly5.10.5
5939 ENGlory Girl, TheByars, Betsy4.23.0
19516 ENGlory in DangerCampbell/Bentley4.66.0
19518 ENGlory's RivalCampbell/Bentley5.06.0
19515 ENGlory's TriumphCampbell/Bentley4.76.0
41962 ENGlow in the Dark AnimalsHirschmann, Kris4.00.5
7515 ENGnome from Nome, TheCosgrove, Stephen4.70.5
17314 ENGo-Around Dollar, TheAdams, Barbara Johnston4.70.5
7108 ENGo Ask AliceAnonymous5.67.0
9609 ENGo Eat Worms!Stine, R.L.3.73.0
6267 ENGo FishStolz, Mary4.41.0
9365 ENGo to Sleep, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
6419 ENGo To the HoopHughes, Dean3.92.0
25241 ENGoalie, TheShreve, Susan5.33.0
763 ENGoats, TheCole, Brock3.96.0
34929 ENGoblins Don't Play Video GamesDadey/Jones4.21.0
29997 ENGoblins in the CastleCoville, Bruce4.55.0
6464 ENGodmother Tree, TheWallace-Brodeur, Ruth5.53.0
18969 ENGoing for the GoldLowell, Melissa4.13.0
169 ENGoing HomeMohr, Nicholasa4.46.0
31057 ENGoing QuackersWorth, Bonnie2.50.5
20076 ENGoing SoloDahl, Roald6.19.0
41423 ENGoing WestWilder/MacBride3.60.5
170 ENGold Cadillac, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
14670 ENGold Fever!McMorrow, Catherine3.80.5
7758 ENGold Train Bandits, TheRoddy, Lee5.17.0
662 ENGolden Bird, TheStolp, Hans4.01.0
20305 ENGolden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles, TheColum, Padraic7.313.0
17567 ENGolden Glove, TheBowen, Fred4.12.0
9366 ENGolden Goose, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
20077 ENGolden Key, TheMacDonald, George5.32.0
35931 ENGolden Lion Tamarin MonkeysCostain, Meredith1.90.5
17622 ENGolden QuestBader, Bonnie3.82.0
16254 ENGoldie the Fox (Real Baby Animals)Buck, Gisela/Siegfried2.50.5
46689 ENGolf (Top Sport)Blackall, Bernie6.01.0
41446 ENGolly Sisters Go West, TheByars, Betsy2.10.5
14618 ENGolly Sisters Ride Again, TheByars, Betsy2.70.5
224 ENGone-Away LakeEnright, Elizabeth5.37.0
6067 ENGood-Bye Book, TheViorst, Judith1.90.5
6466 ENGood-bye, Chicken LittleByars, Betsy4.43.0
1035 ENGood-bye, CurtisHenkes, Kevin2.40.5
6517 ENGood-bye Stacey. Good-byeMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
764 ENGood-Bye TomorrowMiklowitz, Gloria D.4.35.0
34507 ENGood-Bye, Vivi!Schneider, Antonie3.30.5
706 ENGood Earth, TheBuck, Pearl S.6.819.0
7183 ENGood-For-Something Dragon, TheEnderle, Judith3.10.5
10519 ENGood Hunting, Blue SkyParish, Peggy2.00.5
32 ENGood Master, TheSeredy, Kate4.45.0
7269 ENGood Morning, ChickGinsburg, Mirra2.20.5
7315 ENGood Morning, Miss GatorKraus, Robert2.70.5
6465 ENGood NeighborsTedrow, T.L.4.48.0
49844 ENGood Night, Baby BearAsch, Frank2.70.5
6316 ENGood Night, Mr. TomMagorian, Michelle4.812.0
5905 ENGood Queen BessStanley, Diane6.61.0
10319 ENGood Samaritan, TheKramer, Janice4.40.5
7672 ENGood Stepmother, TheRudolph, Marguerita4.20.5
20019 ENGood Work, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
53204 ENGoodbye MousieHarris, Robie H.2.00.5
8224 ENGoodnight KissStine, R.L.4.76.0
7218 ENGoodnight MoonBrown, Margaret Wise1.80.5
28321 ENGoose's Gold, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
15080 ENGorgon Slayer, ThePaulsen, Gary4.31.0
35920 ENGorillasCostain, Meredith2.40.5
24558 ENGorillas: Huge and GentleWalsh, Caroline E.3.72.0
13415 ENGotcha Plot, TheSorenson, Margo2.92.0
39808 ENGrace's Letter to LincolnRoop, Peter/Connie3.71.0
17673 ENGrace the PirateLasky, Kathryn4.91.0
7516 ENGrampa-LopCosgrove, Stephen4.90.5
7570 ENGrandfather's JourneySay, Allen3.60.5
17315 ENGrandfather Tang's StoryTompert, Ann3.70.5
1027 ENGrandma Mix-up, theMcCully, Emily Arnold1.40.5
10520 ENGrandmas at BatMcCully, Emily Arnold2.60.5
171 ENGrandmother for the Orphelines, ACarlson, Natalie4.72.0
7759 ENGrandpa's Stolen TreasureJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.96.0
27822 ENGrant Hill (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.50.5
30246 ENGrant Hill: Star ForwardThornley, Stew6.12.0
7371 ENGrasshopper on the RoadLobel, Arnold2.90.5
32349 ENGrave, ThePike, Christopher4.66.0
15095 ENGraveyard GirlMyers, Anna4.34.0
32322 ENGreat AdventurersRinn, Miriam6.33.0
5663 ENGreat Airport Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.85.0
6420 ENGreat Baseball Card Hunt, TheGreenburg, Daniel A.3.53.0
40642 ENGreat Bicycle Race Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
469 ENGreat Brain at the Academy, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.86.0
18720 ENGreat Brain Does It Again, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.05.0
18721 ENGreat Brain Reforms, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.16.0
115 ENGreat Brain, TheFitzgerald, John5.27.0
6467 ENGreat Christmas Kidnaping Caper, TheVanLeeuwen, Jean4.93.0
9020 ENGreat Day for Up!Seuss, Dr.0.80.5
6468 ENGreat Debate, TheTedrow, T.L.4.49.0
2483 ENGreat Divide, TheDodds, Dayle Ann2.00.5
24526 ENGreat Eagle and Small OneMoisa, Ralph2.60.5
707 ENGreat ExpectationsDickens, Charles9.235.0
30535 ENGreat Expectations (Great Illustrated Classics)Dickens/Yamamoto5.63.0
9214 ENGreat Expectations (Pacemaker)Dickens/Bethancourt4.92.0
14532 ENGreat Fire, TheMurphy, Jim7.64.0
708 ENGreat Gatsby, TheFitzgerald, F. Scott7.38.0
10878 ENGreat Genghis Khan Look-Alike Contest, TheSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.51.0
116 ENGreat Gilly Hopkins, ThePaterson, Katherine4.65.0
32498 ENGreat-Grandpa's in the Litter BoxGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
24975 ENGreat Green Notebook of Katie Roberts, TheHest, Amy3.92.0
264 ENGreat Ideas of Lila Fenwick, TheMcMullan, Kate4.84.0
6216 ENGreat Kapok Tree, TheCherry, Lynne3.80.5
27569 ENGreat Meow Mystery, TheMackall, Dandi Daley3.01.0
6469 ENGreat Mom Swap, TheHaynes, Betsy5.65.0
6365 ENGreat Northern Diver - The LoonEsbensen, Barbara Juster5.20.5
53743 ENGreat Pet Sale, TheInkpen, Mick2.00.5
12772 ENGreat Pony Hassle, TheSpringer, Nancy4.22.0
32537 ENGreat Poochini, TheClement, Gary4.90.5
6118 ENGreat Pumpkin Switch, TheMcDonald, Megan2.90.5
11414 ENGreat Quarterback Switch, TheChristopher, Matt4.22.0
32716 ENGreat Race, TheBouchard, David5.00.5
16915 ENGreat Redwall Feast, TheJacques, Brian4.90.5
6470 ENGreat Rescue Operation, TheVanLeeuwen, Jean4.04.0
14619 ENGreat Snake Escape, TheCoxe, Molly2.30.5
6366 ENGreat Summer Camp Catastrophe, TheVanLeeuwen, Jean3.75.0
5365 ENGreat Summer Olympic MomentsAaseng, Nate7.92.0
27546 ENGreat TV Turn-Off, TheLewis, Beverly2.51.0
6068 ENGreat White Man-Eating Shark, TheMahy, Margaret4.80.5
5366 ENGreat Winter Olympic MomentsAaseng, Nate7.42.0
1459 ENGreeceNam, Yeon Hong9.22.0
17316 ENGreedy Triangle, TheBurns, Marilyn3.90.5
30247 ENGreen Bay Packers Football Team, TheMolzahn, Arlene Bourgeois6.31.0
470 ENGreen Book, TheWalsh, Jill Paton5.52.0
9021 ENGreen Eggs and HamSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
7612 ENGreen Gourd, TheHunter, C.W.3.20.5
27542 ENGreen GravyLewis, Beverly2.51.0
18933 ENGreen Mile: Coffey on the Mile, TheKing, Stephen5.34.0
18934 ENGreen Mile: Coffey's Hands, TheKing, Stephen5.73.0
18935 ENGreen Mile: Night Journey, TheKing, Stephen5.63.0
18936 ENGreen Mile: The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix, TheKing, Stephen5.53.0
18937 ENGreen Mile: The Mouse on the Mile, TheKing, Stephen6.03.0
18938 ENGreen Mile: The Two Dead Girls, TheKing, Stephen5.93.0
11466 ENGreenwitchCooper, Susan5.36.0
7372 ENGregory, the Terrible EaterSharmat, Mitchell2.80.5
10670 ENGremlins Don't Chew Bubble GumDadey/Jones3.71.0
33 ENGrey King, TheCooper, Susan6.29.0
6217 ENGreylingYolen, Jane4.40.5
9215 ENGridiron ScholarGutman, Bill4.13.0
15928 ENGristmill, TheKalman, Bobbie5.30.5
18722 ENGrizzlyPaulsen, Gary4.41.0
6218 ENGrizzly Sisters, TheBellows, Cathy3.70.5
7316 ENGrizzwoldHoff, Syd2.00.5
25948 ENGross Ghost Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.3.31.0
5514 ENGrouchy Ladybug, TheCarle, Eric2.80.5
225 ENGroundhog's HorseRockwood, Joyce4.33.0
32290 ENGrowing IdeasLeeuwen, Jean Van3.90.5
6219 ENGrowing-Up Feet, TheCleary, Beverly3.00.5
9569 ENGrowing Vegetable SoupEhlert, Lois2.00.5
20020 ENGrowling Bear Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
7517 ENGrumpling, TheCosgrove, Stephen5.50.5
41974 ENGrumpy Bunny's Spooky Night, TheKorman, Justine3.30.5
7613 ENGrumpy PumpkinsDelton, Judy3.11.0
17568 ENGuide Dog Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
507 ENGulliver's TravelsSwift, Jonathan13.525.0
30534 ENGulliver's Travels (Great Illustrated Classics)Swift/Vogel6.13.0
20686 ENGulls...Gulls...GullsGibbons, Gail4.60.5
29220 ENGwendolyn Brooks (Young at Heart)Wheeler, Jill C.4.30.5
12754 ENGym Teacher from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.20.5
16215 ENGymnastics (Crabapples)Kalman/Everts4.40.5
36469 ENGymnastics Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
46690 ENGymnastics (Top Sport)Blackall, Bernie7.21.0