Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

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Book Level


25897 ENW.E.B. Du Bois (Journey to Freedom)Troy, Don7.61.0
10695 ENWacky JacksAdler, David A.4.31.0
27476 ENWagon WheelsBrenner, Barbara2.60.5
5697 ENWailing Siren Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
50506 ENWait! No Paint!Whatley, Bruce3.20.5
10696 ENWaiting for the WhalesMcFarlane, Sheryl4.70.5
32367 ENWaiting SpiritsCoville, Bruce4.85.0
7246 ENWake Up, SunHarrison, David1.20.5
17196 ENWakefield Legacy: The Untold Story, ThePascal/William5.611.0
17195 ENWakefields of Sweet Valley, ThePascal/William6.111.0
47351 ENWalk in the Boreal Forest, AJohnson, Rebecca L.4.10.5
47352 ENWalk in the Deciduous Forest, AJohnson, Rebecca L.4.10.5
47353 ENWalk in the Desert, AJohnson, Rebecca L.4.10.5
47354 ENWalk in the Prairie, AJohnson, Rebecca L.4.20.5
47355 ENWalk in the Rain Forest, AJohnson, Rebecca L.4.00.5
47356 ENWalk in the Tundra, AJohnson, Rebecca L.4.30.5
5296 ENWalk in Wolf Woods, AStewart, Mary5.46.0
10147 ENWalking the RimLindquist, Susan Hart5.05.0
32248 ENWall, TheBunting, Eve2.40.5
10348 ENWalls Came Tumbling Down, TheHill, Dave3.50.5
16648 ENWalt Disney: Young Movie MakerHammontree, Marie3.83.0
8297 ENWalter Payton: Record-Breaking RunnerStein, R. Conrad3.80.5
32247 ENWalter the BakerCarle, Eric3.70.5
12484 ENWanda's RosesBrisson, Pat3.80.5
24926 ENWant a Ride?Gordh, Bill1.50.5
32495 ENWanted Dead or Alive: The True Story of Harriet TubmanMcGovern, Ann3.81.0
795 ENWar Between the Classes, TheMiklowitz, Gloria D.4.65.0
9750 ENWar Between the Twins, ThePascal/Suzanne4.63.0
30505 ENWar of Jenkins' Ear, TheMorpurgo, Michael5.07.0
24955 ENWar of the Worlds, TheWells/Evans2.91.0
298 ENWar with Grandpa, TheSmith, Robert Kimmel3.93.0
7700 ENWarm as WoolSanders, Scott Russell4.90.5
18998 ENWarning, TheApplegate, K.A.3.94.0
29162 ENWarren G. HardingJoseph, Paul4.30.5
35848 ENWashing the DogSloan, Peter/Sheryl1.60.5
12448 ENWashingtonFradin, Dennis/Judith4.51.0
26017 ENWashington CapitalsSmale, David6.91.0
12449 ENWashington, D.C.Fradin, Dennis B.5.11.0
27490 ENWatch Out! Big Bro's ComingAlborough, Jez2.00.5
6248 ENWatch Out! Man-Eating SnakeGiff, Patricia Reilly2.00.5
7349 ENWatch Out, Ronald MorganGiff, Patricia Reilly2.40.5
31589 ENWatch Runs AwayWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
10550 ENWatch the Stars Come OutLevinson, Riki2.60.5
9467 ENWatch Where You GoNoll, Sally0.90.5
31213 ENWater Horse, TheKing-Smith, Dick5.42.0
35934 ENWater PowerCostain, Meredith1.70.5
395 ENWater SkyGeorge, Jean Craighead4.77.0
31076 ENWater WishesLoehr, Mallory3.52.0
6017 ENWaterman's BoySharpe, Susan4.64.0
8298 ENWaterskiing and KneeboardingWalker, Cheryl5.90.5
11552 ENWatsons Go to Birmingham-1963, TheCurtis, Christopher Paul5.08.0
32692 ENWavering Werewolf, TheLubar, David4.23.0
32712 ENWay Home, TheRossiter, Nan Parson4.30.5
30330 ENWay West: Journal of a Pioneer Woman, TheKnight, Amelia Stewart4.80.5
11246 ENWayne GretzkyRambeck, Richard4.30.5
5247 ENWayside School is Falling DownSachar, Louis3.44.0
9094 ENWe Are FriendsFeldman, Eve2.40.5
32671 ENWe Are WolvesJulietta, Melinda3.00.5
2200 ENWe're Behind You, George WashingtonHelmer, Diana Star3.01.0
11533 ENWeapons In School and At HomeSchleifer, Jay6.21.0
5297 ENWeaselDeFelice, Cynthia5.04.0
16233 ENWeb Weavers and Other Spiders (Crabapples)Kalman, Bobbie4.60.5
28336 ENWedding Gift Goof, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
5248 ENWednesday Surprise, TheBunting, Eve2.80.5
16234 ENWeird Animals (Crabapples)Everts/Kalman4.20.5
39834 ENWeird Stories from the Lonesome CafeCox, Judy3.01.0
2738 ENWeird WalkersFredericks, Anthony D.6.71.0
7748 ENWeird WolfCuyler, Margery3.41.0
6550 ENWelcome Back, Stacey!Martin, Ann M.4.24.0
32750 ENWelcome ComfortPolacco, Patricia4.50.5
34732 ENWelcome to Addy's World, 1864Sinnott, Susan6.51.0
1474 ENWelcome to AustraliaNorth/McKay5.50.5
9626 ENWelcome to Camp NightmareStine, R.L.3.93.0
1475 ENWelcome to CanadaBarlas, Bob5.50.5
1476 ENWelcome to ChinaSuiNoi/BeeLing5.90.5
9627 ENWelcome to Dead HouseStine, R.L.3.73.0
1477 ENWelcome to EnglandLister, Maree5.40.5
34731 ENWelcome to Felicity's World, 1774Gourley, Catherine5.61.0
1478 ENWelcome to JapanWhyte/Frank5.10.5
34736 ENWelcome to Josefina's World, 1824Pierre, Yvette La6.21.0
34733 ENWelcome to Kirsten's World, 1854Sinnott, Susan5.71.0
1479 ENWelcome to MexicoJermyn/Conboy5.50.5
34734 ENWelcome to Molly's World, 1944Gourley, Catherine5.51.0
34735 ENWelcome to Samantha's World, 1904Gourley, Catherine5.91.0
40739 ENWelcome to Starvation LakeWhelan, Gloria4.21.0
9628 ENWerewolf of Fever Swamp, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
14952 ENWerewolf SkinStine, R.L.3.23.0
10697 ENWerewolves Don't Go to Summer CampDadey/Jones3.81.0
28724 ENWest Africa (Country Fact Files)Binns/Bowden9.11.0
28725 ENWest Indies (Country Fact Files), TheHodge, Alison8.91.0
18799 ENWest to a Land of Plenty: The Diary of Teresa Angelino ViscardiMurphy, Jim5.26.0
12450 ENWest VirginiaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.51.0
10148 ENWest With the NightMarkham, Beryl7.315.0
144 ENWesting Game, TheRaskin, Ellen5.38.0
396 ENWestmarkAlexander, Lloyd5.36.0
36925 ENwhMolter, Carey1.00.5
6148 ENWhale BrotherSteiner, Barbara3.10.5
6383 ENWhalesMilton, Joyce2.80.5
12152 ENWhales for Kids/Whale Magic for KidsWolpert, Tom5.00.5
12307 ENWhales: Giant Marine MammalsLlamas, Andreu6.80.5
24629 ENWhales (Welcome to the World of Animals)Swanson, Diane4.70.5
30321 ENWhales (Wildlife)Hodge, Deborah4.10.5
696 ENWhat a Catch!Hughes, Dean3.82.0
14647 ENWhat a Hungry Puppy!Herman, Gail1.10.5
9578 ENWhat a Pest!Leffler, Maryann1.70.5
32445 ENWhat a Scare, Jesse BearCarlstrom, Nancy White2.60.5
35849 ENWhat Animals EatSloan, Peter/Sheryl0.90.5
9095 ENWhat Cat Is That?Searl, Duncan2.10.5
16235 ENWhat Do You See Under the Sea? (Crabapples)Kalman, Bobbie3.10.5
54714 ENWhat Does the Sky Say?Carlstrom, Nancy White2.90.5
6346 ENWhat Eric KnewHowe, James3.93.0
13766 ENWhat Faust SawOttley, Matt1.30.5
5698 ENWhat Happened at MidnightDixon, Franklin W.5.85.0
35926 ENWhat Happens to Trash?Costain, Meredith2.30.5
24543 ENWhat If You'd Been at Jamestown?Keller, Ellen2.80.5
9096 ENWhat is a Fossil?Goldish, Meish3.30.5
9396 ENWhat Is It?Hillert, Margaret0.70.5
35587 ENWhat's a Pair? What's a Dozen?Swinburne, Stephen R.2.00.5
54775 ENWhat's Cooking, Jamela?Daly, Niki3.40.5
6488 ENWhat's Cooking, Jenny Archer?Conford, Ellen3.21.0
17346 ENWhat's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah?Wells, Robert E.4.10.5
24544 ENWhat's New with Mr. PizootiKupetz, Barbara N.2.60.5
17347 ENWhat's Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew?Wells, Robert E.4.80.5
5445 ENWhat's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?Fritz, Jean5.51.0
299 ENWhat's the Matter with Herbie Jones?Kline, Suzy3.32.0
45463 ENWhat's the Time, Mr. Wolf?Jones, Carol2.80.5
54349 ENWhat the Little Fir Tree Wore to the Christmas PartyIchikawa, Satomi3.50.5
35853 ENWhat We LikeSloan, Peter/Sheryl0.70.5
50508 ENWhat Will I Do Without You?Grindley, Sally2.30.5
20658 ENWhat Will Mommy Do when I'm at School?Johnson, Dolores2.70.5
32443 ENWhat You Never Knew About Fingers, Forks, & ChopsticksLauber, Patricia4.40.5
7549 ENWheedle on the NeedleCosgrove, Stephen4.40.5
94 ENWheel on the School, TheDeJong, Meindert4.710.0
17348 ENWheeling and Whirling-Around Book, TheHindley, Judy5.10.5
13449 ENWhen a Hero DiesSchraff, Anne3.73.0
11534 ENWhen a Parent Doesn't Speak EnglishLakin, Patricia5.51.0
11535 ENWhen a Parent Has AIDSDraimin, Barbara Hermie5.31.0
11536 ENWhen a Parent Is In JailSt.Pierre, Stephanie6.41.0
11537 ENWhen a Parent Is Out Of WorkSt.Pierre, Stephanie5.31.0
6099 ENWhen Africa Was HomeWilliams, Karen Lynn3.20.5
5497 ENWhen Bluebell SangErnst, Lisa3.50.5
922 ENWhen Dinosaurs Ruled the EarthMorss, Martha2.00.5
5048 ENWhen Grandfather's Parrot...CourtAllen, Linda4.41.0
5549 ENWhen I Am Old with YouJohnson, Angela2.70.5
7247 ENWhen I Get BiggerMayer, Mercer2.20.5
5498 ENWhen I Was Young in the MountainsRylant, Cynthia3.60.5
7597 ENWhen Joel Comes HomeFowler, Susi3.30.5
14852 ENWhen Pigs FlyWood, June Rae5.98.0
17349 ENWhen Sheep Cannot SleepKitamura, Satoshi2.40.5
11538 ENWhen Someone You Love Has Alzheimer's DiseaseHinnefeld, Joyce6.21.0
9298 ENWhen the Giants Came to TownLeonard, Marcia3.60.5
796 ENWhen the Phone RangMazer, Harry3.35.0
7248 ENWhen Will I Read?Cohen, Miriam2.30.5
18648 ENWhen Will It Be Spring?Walters, Catherine2.40.5
17648 ENWhen Will This Cruel War Be Over? The Civil War Diary of...Denenberg, Barry6.63.0
9097 ENWhen Winter ComesNeuman, Pearl2.80.5
11539 ENWhen You Are the Victim of a Violent CrimePalmer, Jed6.11.0
34759 ENWhen Zachary Beaver Came to TownHolt, Kimberly Willis4.56.0
56423 ENWhere Are My Chicks?Grindley, Sally1.70.5
7649 ENWhere Are You Going, Manyoni?Stock, Catherine2.20.5
9468 ENWhere Butterflies GrowRyder, Joanne3.90.5
5446 ENWhere do you think...Columbus?Fritz, Jean5.82.0
972 ENWhere is Our Teacher?Students, 4th Grade4.40.5
9600 ENWhere is SkipperWijs, Ivo de2.00.5
10698 ENWhere's Molly?Waas, Uli2.90.5
56881 ENWhere's My Mommy?Brown, Jo2.60.5
145 ENWhere the Lilies BloomCleaver, Vera/Bill5.26.0
95 ENWhere the Red Fern GrowsRawls, Wilson4.911.0
5499 ENWhere the Wild Things AreSendak, Maurice3.40.5
5447 ENWhere was Patrick Henry...May?Fritz, Jean5.91.0
6347 ENWhich Way Freedom?Hansen, Joyce4.55.0
7125 ENWhile My Pretty One SleepsClark, Mary Higgins5.713.0
5699 ENWhile the Clock TickedDixon, Franklin W.5.75.0
32253 ENWhile You Were SleepingButler, John2.90.5
146 ENWhipping Boy, TheFleischman, Sid3.92.0
5649 ENWhispering Statue, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
17550 ENWhistle for WillieKeats, Ezra Jack2.50.5
7749 ENWhite BirdBulla, Clyde Robert2.81.0
147 ENWhite FangLondon, Jack8.419.0
30565 ENWhite Fang (Great Illustrated Classics)London/Vogel6.13.0
34980 ENWhite LightningWright/Keith6.313.0
10149 ENWhite Mercedes, ThePullman, Philip4.96.0
397 ENWhite Mountains, TheChristopher, John6.27.0
32672 ENWhite Pony, TheByrd, Sandra3.70.5
96 ENWhite Stag, TheSeredy, Kate6.62.0
5249 ENWhite Stallion, TheShub, Elizabeth3.00.5
8299 ENWhite Water RaftingNabhan, Marty4.81.0
2740 ENWhitetail Deer (Our Wild World)Evert, Laura5.61.0
12153 ENWhitetails for Kids/Whitetail Magic for KidsWolpert, Tom4.50.5
12544 ENWhitney Houston (Reaching for the Stars)Wallner, Rosemary4.81.0
9397 ENWho Goes to School?Hillert, Margaret0.90.5
34501 ENWho Has Time for Little Bear?Scheffler, Ursel2.80.5
49758 ENWho Is Baseball's Greatest Hitter? (Revised)Kisseloff, Jeff6.26.0
47529 ENWho Is in the Garden?Rosenberry, Vera2.30.5
5298 ENWho Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?Spinelli, Jerry3.57.0
7350 ENWho Put the Pepper in the PotCole, Joanna2.90.5
9098 ENWho's ThereGold, Porter2.70.5
6446 ENWho Shot the President?Donnelly, Judy4.10.5
13450 ENWho Stole the Bases?Sorenson, Margo3.22.0
446 ENWho Stole the Wizard of Oz?Avi3.62.0
25953 ENWho Took the Book?Dixon, Franklin W.3.51.0
7299 ENWho Wants an Old Teddy Bear?Hofmann, Ginnie2.50.5
6447 ENWho Was That Masked Man, Anyway?Avi2.73.0
7249 ENWho Will Be My Friends?Hoff, Syd1.40.5
7884 ENWhoo-oo is It?McDonald, Megan2.10.5
24545 ENWhooping Crane, TheGraves, Bonnie2.90.5
28340 ENWhose Pet Is Best?Keene, Carolyn3.11.0
7250 ENWhy Can't I Fly?Gelman, Rita1.60.5
15299 ENWhy Cowboys Need a BrandKnowlton, Laurie Lazzaro3.40.5
16236 ENWhy Do Animals Do That? (Crabapples)Kalman/Nickles5.20.5
5448 ENWhy don't you get a...Adams?Fritz, Jean5.70.5
10699 ENWhy Ducks Sleep on One LegGarland, Sherry4.10.5
9629 ENWhy I'm Afraid of BeesStine, R.L.3.53.0
5550 ENWhy Mosquitoes Buzz in People's EarsAardema, Verna4.00.5
2475 ENWhy Not, Lafayette?Fritz, Jean6.73.0
18649 ENWhy So Sad, Brown Rabbit?Cain, Sheridan2.60.5
7650 ENWhy the Sky Is Far AwayGerson, Mary-Joan4.50.5
9398 ENWhy We Have ThanksgivingHillert, Margaret1.00.5
25443 ENWicked Cat, ThePike, Christopher3.93.0
6348 ENWidow's Broom, TheVanAllsburg, Chris4.70.5
9099 ENWilbur and Orville and the Flying MachineMarquardt, Max2.60.5
6748 ENWild Bill HickokGreen/Sanford4.51.0
29191 ENWild Bill Hickok (Heroes & Villains of the Wild West)Hamilton, John6.01.0
20400 ENWild Cats (Welcome to the World of Animals)Swanson, Diane4.80.5
30322 ENWild Cats (Wildlife)Hodge, Deborah3.70.5
6100 ENWild Christmas Reindeer, TheBrett, Jan4.10.5
34729 ENWild Colorado, TheMaurer, Richard7.74.0
46914 ENWild Dog AttacksMurdico, Suzanne J.5.00.5
30320 ENWild Dogs (Wildlife)Hodge, Deborah3.90.5
12259 ENWild Horses for Kids/Wild Horse Magic for KidsHenckel, Mark4.30.5
28476 ENWild, Wild WestDelton, Judy3.82.0
6298 ENWild, Wild WolvesMilton, Joyce3.30.5
11649 ENWild Willie & King Kyle, DetectivesJoosse, Barbara M.2.91.0
4242 ENWildflowers, Blooms, and BlossomsBurns, Diane L.4.81.0
17600 ENWill Clark: Boy AdventurerWilkie, Katharine E.3.73.0
25564 ENWill's ChoiceNixon, Joan Lowery3.92.0
27812 ENWill Smith (Young Profiles)Joseph, Paul5.40.5
32421 ENWill to Survive, ADixon, Franklin W.4.65.0
7598 ENWill We Miss Them?Wright, Alexandra5.30.5
5449 ENWill You Sign...John Hancock?Fritz, Jean5.81.0
7196 ENWilliam and the Good Old DaysGreenfield, Eloise3.60.5
29161 ENWilliam H. HarrisonJoseph, Paul4.30.5
17698 ENWilliam Problem, TheBaker, Barbara2.62.0
5500 ENWilliam's DollZolotow, Charlotte3.60.5
17649 ENWillow Chase: Kansas Territory, 1847Duey, Kathleen5.34.0
97 ENWillow Whistle, TheMeigs, Cornelia6.85.0
13757 ENWilma Unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest...Krull, Kathleen5.10.5
11247 ENWimbledonGilbert, Nancy6.41.0
12495 ENWimp of the World, TheHerzig/Mali3.72.0
524 ENWind in the WillowsGrahame, Kenneth8.211.0
30563 ENWind in the Willows (Great Illustrated Classics), TheGrahame/Vogel5.33.0
8300 ENWind SurfingWray, Amanda5.61.0
17350 ENWindow of Time, ALeighton, Audrey O.2.50.5
34852 ENWindow on the WestLawlor, Laurie8.75.0
46448 ENWindsurfing (Radical Sports)Barker, Amanda6.01.0
20781 ENWindy City Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
6349 ENWing Shop, TheWoodruff, Elvira3.70.5
300 ENWinged Colt of Casa Mia, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
8682 ENWingman on IceChristopher, Matt4.32.0
10150 ENWings of a Falcon, TheVoight, Cynthia5.819.0
16237 ENWings, Wheels and Sails (Crabapples)Kalman, Bobbie3.90.5
148 ENWinnie-The-PoohMilne, A.A.4.63.0
5049 ENWinning of Miss Lynn Ryan, TheCooper, Ilene4.63.0
18999 ENWinning Spirit, TheLowell, Melissa3.93.0
697 ENWinning StreakHughes, Dean3.61.0
12493 ENWinning Stroke, TheChristopher, Matt4.94.0
26018 ENWinnipeg JetsMyers, Jess7.11.0
36497 ENWinona's Pony CartLovelace, Maud Hart4.13.0
6149 ENWinter Duckling, ThePolette, Keith2.80.5
34964 ENWinter Hawk Star (Lightning on Ice)Brouwer, Sigmund4.43.0
6384 ENWinter Holding SpringDragonwagon, Crescent4.41.0
27503 ENWinter LullabySueling, Barbara2.30.5
17650 ENWinter of Red Snow: The Revolutionary War Diary..., TheGregory, Kristiana5.54.0
11248 ENWinter Olympics, TheHarris, Jack C.7.01.0
7800 ENWinter Rescue, TheHutchens, Paul5.44.0
398 ENWinter Room, ThePaulsen, Gary5.03.0
650 ENWinter Worm Business, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly3.74.0
12451 ENWisconsinFradin, Dennis B.4.71.0
6249 ENWise Woman and Her Secret, TheMerriam, Eve4.30.5
499 ENWish Giver, TheBrittain, Bill4.44.0
25444 ENWishing Stone, ThePike, Christopher4.43.0
17699 ENWitch Hunt: It Happened in Salem VillageKrensky, Stephen4.71.0
98 ENWitch of Blackbird Pond, TheSpeare, Elizabeth5.79.0
500 ENWitch of Fourth Street, TheLevoy, Myron4.83.0
25447 ENWitch's Revenge, ThePike, Christopher4.13.0
5650 ENWitch Tree Symbol, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
29408 ENWitch Who Was Afraid of Witches, TheLow, Alice2.70.5
9399 ENWitch Who Went for a Walk, TheHillert, Margaret0.90.5
10700 ENWitches Don't Do BackflipsDadey/Jones3.71.0
149 ENWitches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.76.0
6448 ENWitches, TheDahl, Roald4.75.0
797 ENWith You and Without YouMartin, Ann M.4.15.0
14648 ENWizard and WartSmith, Janice Lee2.50.5
14649 ENWizard and Wart at SeaSmith, Janice Lee2.70.5
35324 ENWizard and Wart in TroubleSmith, Janice Lee2.20.5
20100 ENWizard in the Tree, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.45.0
30562 ENWizard of Oz (Great Illustrated Classics), TheBaum/Laiken5.12.0
32514 ENWizard of Sound: A Story About Thomas Edison, TheMitchell, Barbara6.01.0
41975 ENWizard's Statue, TheDoyle/Macdonald5.85.0
14698 ENWizards Don't Need ComputersDadey/Jones3.61.0
32579 ENWNBA: Stars of Women's BasketballPonti, James7.64.0
32542 ENWolf and the Seven Little KidsBlades, Ann4.00.5
6350 ENWolf ChildNolan, Dennis5.11.0
18650 ENWolf Is Coming!, TheMacDonald, Elizabeth3.80.5
34927 ENWolfmen Don't Hula DanceDadey/Jones4.11.0
25558 ENWolvesGibbons, Gail4.20.5
99 ENWolves of Willoughby Chase, TheAiken, Joan6.57.0
2743 ENWolves (Our Wild World)Evert, Laura5.61.0
24625 ENWolves (Welcome to the World of Animals)Swanson, Diane4.30.5
14447 ENWombat DivineFox, Mem2.20.5
17400 ENWomen in Racing (Race Car Legends)Benson, Michael6.32.0
2218 ENWomen with GritTaylor, Bonnie Highsmith4.62.0
5250 ENWonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch SnatcherDuncan, Lois4.01.0
19521 ENWonder's ChampionCampbell/Bentley4.86.0
19503 ENWonder's First RaceCampbell, Joanna4.86.0
19502 ENWonder's PromiseCampbell, Joanna4.56.0
19511 ENWonder's SisterCampbell, Joanna5.26.0
19504 ENWonder's VictoryCampbell, Joanna4.86.0
19506 ENWonder's YearlingCampbell, Joanna4.96.0
14699 ENWonderful Alexander and the CatwingsLeGuin, Ursula K.3.71.0
6449 ENWonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet, TheCameron, Eleanor6.36.0
525 ENWonderful Wizard of Oz (Unabridged), TheBaum, L. Frank7.07.0
5307 ENWoodshed Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.35.0
32300 ENWordful Child, ALyon, George Ella4.20.5
399 ENWords by HeartSebestyen, Ouida4.66.0
24023 ENWorking as a TeamSchwartz/Conley3.70.5
9100 ENWorking DogsMarquardt, Max1.20.5
11249 ENWorld Cup, TheGoodman, Michael E.6.61.0
53525 ENWorld Full of Monsters, AMcQueen, John Troy2.20.5
6489 ENWorld's Fair, TheTedrow, T.L.4.58.0
5399 ENWorld SeriesTunis, John4.97.0
11250 ENWorld Series, TheMcGuire, William6.51.0
2225 ENWorld War II (Moments in History)Jordan, Shirley4.92.0
34938 ENWorst Day of My Life, TheCosby, Bill3.30.5
24924 ENWorst Helper Ever!, TheScarry, Richard1.00.5
29421 ENWorst Kid Who Ever Lived on Eighth Avenue, TheLawlor, Laurie2.40.5
7750 ENWounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
32704 ENWrath of the Grinning Ghost (John Bellairs), TheStrickland, Brad5.26.0
6250 ENWreck of the Zephyr, TheVanAllsburg, Chris3.70.5
6299 ENWretched Stone, TheVanAllsburg, Chris4.30.5
5913 ENWright Brothers...Airplane, TheFreedman, Russell7.74.0
27820 ENWright Brothers (Inventors), TheJoseph, Paul4.90.5
150 ENWrinkle in Time, AL'Engle, Madeleine4.77.0
32305 ENWriting Bug, TheHopkins, Lee Bennett4.50.5
8250 ENWrong Number, TheStine, R.L.6.05.0
724 ENWuthering HeightsBronte, Emily11.323.0
9250 ENWuthering Heights (Pacemaker)Bronte/Greene5.63.0
40510 ENWwDoudna, Kelly0.60.5
6750 ENWyatt EarpGreen, Carl4.71.0
12452 ENWyomingFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0